Followone has the fastest growing portfolio of career communities, job seekers, and businesses, that are reaching out to communities professionally.

Followone Desk

Followone Media offers investors the seed capital to invest in innovative businesses, and brands built by professionals. All while they watch their team grow, and also benefit, from being stake holders of growing firms. These firms grow their businesses routinely, connect and interact with professionals in their network, and promote their brand using our social media marketplace. All these things are important factors for today's investors.

We attract a large, diverse, audience of startups through our network.

Our platform consists of social networking, e-commerce, and jobs listing.

Our network is spread across the U.S, Canada, and other European countries.

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We have databases operated by Affiliate Marketers across the Globe.

We have resources that provide us accurate data for our audiences.

Our data allows us to precisely target our customers interests to our advertisers.

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